Result based Diagnostic Assessment for Classroom & Covid Learning Gaps

How the way you Improve your Result

Identify and reduce learning gaps by 80% with Gaps Method™. Achieve excellent result through the eProfessor way without disturbing institute system.


Student does Gap Analyzer™ after concept taught in school

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"6S" Analysis Finds weakness in learning skills of the child irrespective of the subject

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7 Stage Gaps Method™ remedial to correct learning gaps

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Gaps Monitoring™ aids teacher by understanding weakness on Individual & Class Level

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How does this benefit your Institute?

How to eProfessor Way Works?

Institute Teacher will Teach from:
  • Blackboard
  • Traditional
  • Smart Class
  • Publisher Book

After Teaching eProfessor Way Start

We automate your teaching, diagnostic assessment, remedial and monitoring from 6 Steps
Step - 1
AI based "GAP Analyzer" ready diagnostic assessment for your class (you send a task to students)
Step - 2
After student completes the task, the student/teacher can Identify their learning gap and area of weak concept
Step - 3
After identifying the student problem we provide "Gap Method" for 7 stage remedial solution, according to their learning gap through world class high quality content
Step - 4
Student’s can use whole system as a home revision for their own self assessment and learning
Step - 5
After the whole process we provide consolidated learning report for the whole class and each student where teacher can monitor whole class or Individual student problem and current position about his learning gap
Step - 6
Post which the teacher can take necessary action and re-enforce learning
The whole process will give the desired result

Concept based AI Diagnostic Assessment through Gap Analyzer™

GAP Analyzer™ is an AI based diagnostic assessment tool that teachers and parents can use to identify weak & slow learners and their learning gap.

  • Automating evaluation and results to reduce teacher burden

  • Identify slow & weak learners in classroom and suggest right learning method

  • Find learning gap (finding the gap between its learning and application of the concept)

  • Provide weak concept report to parents and students to easily understand their learning GAP

  • Simple to use for every teachers

  • Centralised monitoring real time consolidated learning reports with graphical visualisation for individual student and whole class which improve learning outcome

  • Understanding and indentifing individual student learning and problem

"6S" Analysis Finds Weakness in Learning Skills

Correct learning gaps through Gaps Method™

7 Stage GAPS Method™ to provide remedial to correct concept weaknesses and gaps.

  • Personalize remedial system according to learner needs.

  • Produces remedial on learner type

  • 7 Step remedial curriculum designed for weak concept

  • Strengthens weak concepts, fills learning GAPS

  • Brings entire class on one learning panel

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Gap Monitoring™ to enable progess

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Arming teachers with automated assessment and evaluation tools which reduces time and leads to accurate student reinforcement with academic development.

  • Teaching support through lesson plan, classroom guides, learning material and teacher console

  • View individual student learning analysis

  • View class wise learning analysis

  • Teaching + evaluation platform

  • Assignment collection

  • Complete classroom support

  • Individual contextual approach that focus on what learner needs and directs teachers to where most needed to save teacher time & efforts.

How does this benefit your Institute?

Provide your best teaching, leave the rest on us

  • Works on slow learner and weak learner

  • Works on individual student learning gaps

  • Increases institute result

  • Help student to improve performance

  • 7 Step Gaps Method™ remedial to improve weakness

  • Gap Analyzer™ to identify weaknesses of student to aid better exam preparation

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