About Us

Our Company

We are small but growing part of VISIONet, educational technology company for over 26 years. We proud to be purpose-led, enabling the improvement of education outcome in India. We focus on project that makes the biggest difference. We are an educational services Provider Company that specialized in accelerate coaching institute business growth through result based teaching and learning. eProfessor will be like having one extra team member who is smart, effective, prompt and trustworthy for coaching institute..



Our vision is simplified teaching for better result through our comprehensive learning ecosystem

We’re a Passionate Bunch!

We share your passion for education and strive to do our bit to help teachers teach and learners learn. Our diverse team feel privileged to be helping. We work hard building things that give your awesome super powers to change lives!

By taking an entirely new approach, we think we can free educators from the many of the burdens of traditional assessment. We do by giving you what you need to use your collective insight in the best way possible.