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Path to Success
for Class 1st to 12th and IIT-JEE, NEET


Student does Gap Analyzer™ after concept taught from teacher


"6S" Analysis Finds weakness in learning skills of the child irrespective of the subject


Gaps Method™ 7 Step remedial to correct learning gaps


Gaps Monitoring™ aids teacher by understanding weakness on Individual & Class Level

Simplified Teaching for Better Results

Our comprehensive learning ecosystem provides institute with all tools, content, study material and teachers support to help you achieve excellent results.

Find Student learning gap with "AI Diagnostic Assessment Technology" Gap Analyzer™

GAP Analyzer™ is an AI based diagnostic assessment tool that teachers and parents can use to identify weak & slow learners and their learning gap.

  • More then 50 lacs ready to use concept based, topic based and chapter based (exams and mock test) assessment for teacher

  • Automating evaluation and results for whole class or individual student to reduce teacher burden

  • Identify slow & weak learners in classroom and suggest right learning method

  • Find learning gap (finding the gap between its learning and application of the concept)

  • Provide weak concept report to parents and students to easily understand their learning GAP

  • Simple to use for every teachers

  • Centralised monitoring real time consolidated learning reports with graphical visualisation for individual student and whole class which improve learning outcome

  • Understanding and indentifing individual student learning and problem

Skills Analysis Finds Weakness in Learning Skills Cause of Learning Gap

Correct learning gaps through GAPs Method™

Anytime anywhere 7 Step remedial system to empower your teaching

  • Get all remedial and solutions for student learning gap

  • India's best LMS with ready study material or you can link your own study material.

  • Personalize remedial system according to learner needs.

  • Produces remedial on learner type

  • 7 Step remedial curriculum designed for weak concept

  • Strengthens weak concepts, fills learning GAPS

  • Brings entire class on one learning stage

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India's Best Ready to Use Study Material for Teaching

Get 400 ready courses, content and study material for your teaching support and student home learning.

  • India's best study material at your door step

  • Curriculum based content and study material created by best teachers from KOTA and Delhi

  • Ready to use study material in all format for your institute like:


Tasted and Implemented "m-technology" for your Institute App and Website

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    "Go Global" with 12+ Ready to use eLearning Technologies with your Coaching Brand

  • White labled Institute App for Mobile Learning

  • White labled Institute eLearning website/platform for desktop

  • AI based Assessment platform - Gap Analyzer™

  • Remedial platform - GAPs Method™

  • Student monitoring platform - Gap Monitoring™

  • Video and Streaming Server

  • Live Teaching Platform

  • Whatsapp based Exam platform

  • Doubt clearing platform

  • Admin / Teacher / Student dashboards

  • Institute cloud and server technology

  • All content and study material

  • Student monitoring system

  • CRM system

  • Payment Gateway

  • LMS

  • Set your own pricing

  • Upload and sell your own courses

  • and much more...

Complete Doubt Solving Platform for better Teaching

24 X 7 Student support - Clear your student doubt anytime anywhere

  • Instant doubt solving

  • Doubt session with live class

  • Learn with growing student community

  • Get personal sessions

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Gap Monitoring™ to Measure Student Learning Growth

Arming Teacher with automated assessment and evaluation tools with accurate skill and concept report of the child with academic development.

  • View Individual student learning analysis

  • View class wise learning analysis

  • View skill wise learning analysis

  • View concept wise learning Gaps

  • View Assignment collection report

How will Eprofessor Benefit you?

Bridge between Institute, Teacher, Parent and Student

Benefits for Owner
  • Result based teaching and learning ECO system in your institute

  • Ready to use content, technology and support

  • Institute monitoring system for batches or individual student

  • 7 Step Gaps Method™remedial to improve weakness

  • Gap Analyzer™ to identify weaknesses of student to aid better exam preparation

  • NEP 2020 mapped content and assessment to find skill of every student

  • Build up your institute brand name with result and system

  • Zero expense on content and technology

  • Create competitive edge in market

Benefits for Teachers
  • Save time and efforts for assessment and monitoring

  • Better teaching with help of latest technologies and study material

  • Learner insights to understand student learning

  • Better result production

  • Upgrade and familiarity with technology

  • Community support with eProfessor by connecting with thousands of educator across India

  • 2 Step monitoring and concept weakness report

  • Individual weaknesses

  • Classwise weaknesses

Benefits for Students
  • Personalized Learning

  • Find your learning gap with AI based assessment

  • Conocept based learning with 7 step remedial system to correct your weakness and learn concept more easily

  • Ability to engage with school at anytime and get doubts cleared

  • Personal learning monitoring system to analyse your progress every movement with your class or individual

  • Reducing hesitation and embarrassment by equipping students with introspective tools and personalized gap remedial journey

  • Easy to use gamified learning with engaging content and study material

  • Future oriented learning to support future ambitions and help prepare for life beyond school

Benefits for Parents
  • Understand your Child Better through monitoring system: Understand problems of your child and support progress through tools provided by institute.

  • International Quality Learning at Home: Now your child will have access to world class learning and tools at their home.

  • Make your Child Future & Job Ready: Provide your child with learning to support their future ambitions with skill focused and job ready focused courses available on your institute's app.

  • Have batter Relationship with Teacher: Be update with your childs progress and interact with teachers.

  • Monitor your Childs Growth: Get performance report, learning pattern, progress update etc.