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Education 4.0 Based

eProfessor has developed an all-in-one solution to the emerging challenges in the field of education. The future of your institute depends on how well you adapt to the changes around you and succeed in the face of growing competition and changing trends. Our education 4.0 approach aims to cater to institutes in combating challenges posed by the pandemic, hybrid learning as well as branding the institute in a competitive market.

Analysis using Blooms Taxonomy

Our tests and reports utilize the blooms taxonomy to identify 6 skills in every student to provide personalized remedial. This outlook shifts the focus to the 6 skills that we evaluate every student on - understanding, remembering, analysing, evaluating, creativity and applying skills. We find these skills out in every student for every concept, something that’s never been done before. This entire analysis is then formulated for teacher in the form of reports for teachers to see anytime, anywhere.

NEP 2020 Ready Approach

We understand the importance of adopting a NEP 2020 approach as per government guidelines to better our existing education system, for this our process and assessments are skill based to promote skill based learning.

Concept based Learning and Analysis

eProfessor has made teaching and learning simpler by breaking down lessons into concepts. All study material and tests provided is concept based so that the teacher is in control of teaching and scheduling classes.