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Result optimizing process of eprofessor

WhitelableApp/Website, Study Material
Gap AnalyzerTM based Assessment Engine
Assessment based Personalised Remedial
AI based Test Generator
Whats App Marketing Tool
Live Class
Video Streaming Server

Digital Format (APP and Website)

Concept / Chapter Based Study Material
Interactive Teacher Based Videos
Notes and Exercise
DPP (Daily Practice Problem) with QR Code
NCERT Solutions
MCQ Test Series with Video Solutions
Sample Paper with Explanation
Animated Videos
Mock Test Series
15+ Years Previous Year Question paper

Book Format

DPP (Daily Practice Paper)
NCERT Solutions
Sample Paper
Mock Test and PYQ
Branding Creation
Whatsapp Tools


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What our partner say about us

Here are a Few FAQs We Get a Lot

Providing your students quality education and resources that fulfill their needs, ensuring student and parent satisfaction along with the expansion in institutes offering with eProfessor will boost institutes credibility and brand recognition. Institutes associated with us see an improvement in academic performances caused by the support of our tools.

Our aim is to aid students in their academic and professional skills development. Our GAP ANALYZER technology helps students by identifying weaknesses and gaps in their learning and by suggesting remedial methods to correct them.

This system will provide student with:

  • Learning path personalized

  • Self understanding of concept weaknesses

  • Reward based remedial system to correct concept weakness

  • Ability to engage with institute at anytime and get doubts cleared

  • Reducing hesitation and embarrassment by equipping students with introspective tools and personalized gap remedial journey

  • Easy to use gamified learning with engaging content and study material

  • Future oriented learning to support future ambitions and help prepare for life beyond institute

Teachers and institute can monitor student growth using our reporting tools:

Class wise Report

To understand level and performance of a particular class as whole.

Student wise Report

To understand individual student weaknesses, too identify learner type and progress journey.

This product empowers teachers by providing supportive teaching tools to help enhance teaching quality and experience and reduce burden by:

  • Connecting classroom learning with learning tools that student can access beyond classroom.

  • Understanding individual student learning type and problem identify.

  • Automating evaluation and results to reduce burden

  • Two level collective monitoring

  • Class wise student report

  • Individual student report

  • Share student report with parents

  • Empowering parent relation by engaging parents in student learning program

  • Curated lesson planning tools

  • Online teaching tools to teach from anywhere, anytime

Yes, we provide both the desktop version and app of the Institute.

Yes, your website will be equipped with creating and uploading your own study material.

Yes, teachers will be able to take live classes on your app and desktop.

  • Understand their child more easily from GAP analyzer weak concept report

  • Get analytical AI based learning

  • Make strong relationship with teacher

  • Save huge money from home tuition

  • Save their ward from stressful learning

  • Provide Skills based future learning Preparation

  • Create interest in English and new skills courses

  • Become an Active Partner in Learning

Yes, you can modify prices according to you.

It takes approximately 7-10 days to complete the on boarding process which includes app development and training.

We will provide you with Study Material, Technology and support.

Every business needs the correct tools, analysis and execution

Your Online Teaching App

eProfessor will help you grow your business 10x!

Teachers and online platforms work together in online teaching. As well as providing knowledge, holding students accountable, and monitoring their performance, the online platform takes care of monitoring their progress. Many methods can evaluate a student's progress and performance to ensure they have received complete knowledge.

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