Upgrading one’s knowledge base and skills has become a necessity of the present time. With the growing competition in the market and changing complexities, every individual needs to be ahead of others. Whether we talk about classwork or upscaling oneself with newer skills, finding a platform that can provide the best learning is important. To cater to this, online education has emerged as a trusted option. The growing number of online teaching apps and reliance on online education early indicates the popularity of this form of virtual education.

Many of these platforms are chargeable, but some free apps also make it easier for you to pursue online education and get the best learning. In this blog, we will cover some of the best online educational apps to help you learn and develop new skills and improve on the present ones.

Best Online Learning Apps

1. Coursera

It is one of the most renowned online learning platforms. Well-known universities recognize this MOOC. The courses listed on this platform are pre-recorded video lectures that you can access at your convenience. This makes it a popular self-paced learning platform. Or free programs accredited by the institution, thus making it a more credible and trusted source of learning.

2. eProfessor

It is also one of the renowned online teaching platforms where the instructors can create courses for different student categories such as school children, board examinations, intermediate exams, national-level coaching, etc. The courses can be taught here by anyone and everyone. Using this platform, students can develop new skills and achieve higher goals.

3. Edx

It is one of the best free online course providers, with all university-level courses. One of the unique features of this platform is that you can explore courses in the latest technologies like data science, big data, computer science, programming languages and others. It has a weekly subject sequence and short videos with learning exercises, making learning more interesting and fruitful.

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is known for its credibility and professional approach. It has millions and billions of people connected. LinkedIn Learning is a website that has video courses. Experts teach these courses. There are around 15,000 courses listed on this platform; you can explore this at your convenience. One of the defining features of the LinkedIn learning platform is that some of these courses are free of cost while others come with subscription charges.

The free courses can be used as a platform to start your online learning journey, and once you are well acquainted and convinced with the course material and programs, you can go ahead with the subscription courses. These courses are perfect for beginners and intermediate learners, while the expert can also opt for this course.

5. Skillshare

It is an online platform that covers several topics related to data science, analytics and graphic design. This platform also helps you find courses that are about real life. Creators conduct the courses, and you can join this course from any of your devices. All you need is a strong internet connection, and you can start ahead with your learning journey on Skillshare.

6. Educomp Solutions

It’s one of the largest education technology companies in India and has around 14 million learners and educators associated with it on a global platform. It is one of the largest online learning systems designed to provide the best education using cutting-edge technology. It has a rich content library for classes for K-12. It is the only education provider with content available in 11 regional languages across the 14 states.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the renowned and reputed online education service providers. The online education market is continuing to grow and will see massive growth in the times to come. It has made learning easy and simplified. So, instead of falling behind, you should embrace it and go ahead to sharpen your skills and be future-ready.