Kitna asaan hota na agar bas ek tareeka mil jata apne institute ka naam badane ka?

Just imagine, your institute has 500 students, 50 students in every class with 1 teacher. Now, not all students will score the same marks. But what if we tell you that you can correct this. Your all students can score equivalent marks, all of them will be clear on every concept.

Mazak lagra hai? Nahi hai mazak!

Want to know more?

With the help of a very simple assessment tool, now you can increase your students’ results as desired.

Just follow these two easy steps:

1. Test Link for Students

Just send the test link to students after a class, and get detailed report on which student is lacking behind in which concept. The software lets you analyses 200+ students at a time and you can get all of their reports within 5 minutes.

2. Share test reports with guardians and students

Once you get the report, you can easily share it with their parents as well as students so that they can focus on their weak points and study accordingly.

Ab jab itne ache se bachho pe dhyan doge toh sab wah wah toh karenge hi, balki aage chaar logo ko aur bataenge! Hua na ek teer se do nishane!

Come join hands with us and we will take your institute to newer heights!