Online teaching platforms are becoming increasingly popular among teachers and students. They allow individual teachers to provide more personalised, engaging content and services.Online platforms also make it easier for students to interact with their teachers, which could lead to a better understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

Teaching and learning are not a short-term process, it takes time and effort. Unfortunately, many teachers don't have the time to attend workshops, courses and other online classes.The result is that they end up falling behind the more experienced teachers in their class because they are always either busy working or attending workshops and lessons on other topics.

The Indian Online Learning Market

The Indian market has always been a lucrative land of innovations and development opportunities. A similar growth trend was observed in the online education market in India. This segment is expected to witness a whopping rise of 50% between 2021 and 2025. Hence it is expected that the online teaching market will reach a mark of 5 billion USD by the end of 2025.

Not just in India, but the global e-learning market size has also expanded exponentially. It is expected to reach 370 billion USD by 2026, from 226 billion USD in 2020, at a CAGR of 8.56% from 2021-2026.

The significant figures indicate the growing inclination and adoption of online learning methodologies. Online teaching has become easier and simplified thanks to the advent of newer technologies. Moreover, it has opened up new job opportunities for even retired teachers and professors.

5 Best Online Teaching Platforms for Teachers

It is important for teachers to use the best teaching platform in order to enhance the quality of their teaching methods and experience. Here are some of the best online teaching platforms for teachers in 2022.

1. Teachmint

It is a leading online class management software. It helps teachers redefine their classrooms with the latest technology and connect with the masses online. Thousands of educators across India have availed the services of Teachmint for developing future-ready classrooms through SaaS solutions.

Teachmint provides a mobile learning platform that can be accessed in 10 Indian languages. It also provides coaching management software such as ERP and LMS for coaching classes, tuition and big institutions. Educators can connect with all the students online and provide classes, conduct assessments, engage through various communications and notifications, etc. through a single platform.

2. Classpro

It is a coaching class management platform where educators can easily connect and implement their classes through an Online teaching app with zoom for safe, secure and better communication. It also enables educators to collect fees online without much difficulty. Teachers can send and receive assignments online without any limitation of file size and compatibility. Coaching classes can connect with parents, send SMS and notifications without much difficulty using the Classpro platform.

The coaching institute app lets the educator have complete autonomy over their courses. You can subscribe to this online teaching app and create engaging video lectures and coaching sessions.

3. Classplus

Classplus is a simple education platform provider where even small-sized coaching classes, institutions or tuition teachers can educate online using this online coaching app. The e-learning solutions provider has a modern digital platform for providing educational content, videos, live classes and online assessments to name a few for its 1 lakh educators.

This is the best if you are looking for a simple and powerful learning platform. This platform lets educators create quizzes and tests in just a few minutes. Backed by the most advanced technology, this platform also gives the leverage to the teachers to host free courses. In addition, students can also interact with others, which helps networking, thus providing a complete learning experience through the coaching management software.

4. eProfessor

With a vision to simplify learning in India, eProfessor offers a complete education and learning platform. For the past 10 years, this platform has rendered the best courses led by the best institutes. With more than 10,000 students subscribed to this platform and 145 institutes offering very gated courses, makes eProfessor one of the best online teaching platforms. This platform offers -

  • Concept Video
  • Real-Life Example
  • Practice Exams
  • Multiple Assessments to Practice
  • Question-Solving Technique
  • Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Notes
  • Exercise Sheets
  • PYQ - Previous Years Question
  • eBooks

All this makes learning through this online class management software easy and effective. This platform also empowers educators to create their programs and provide a seamless learning experience to their students. With their LMS, the educators can create a programme and track the program's effectiveness.

eProfessor has been developed to be a comprehensive online learning platform where individual tutors to coaching institutes and students can benefit equally. The platform also offers online exam software that lets the educators create online quizzes and tests so that the students can access them and assess their performance. The online class management software automates the entire process and reduces the burden on the educators to manage everything manually.

5. Pesofts

It is primarily an online exam software provider and is probably the best software for institutions. In addition to conducting cheat-free online examination, this platform also allows educators to create course materials, quizzes, and videos that enhance the learning procedure. Because materials can be easily downloaded on the desktop, the students can use them later to acquaint themselves or revise the concepts.

Among the several features offered by this platform, it also helps create PowerPoint presentations, audio and videos, and PDF documents. However, the instructors have to pay a fee for this. The course creators can also provide certificates of completion to the students. As multiple Indian languages are supported through this platform, educators from all across the country have availed the facilities of this platform to provide all-India level tests both online and offline and is thus trusted by some of the biggest coaching institutions of India.

What has contributed to the growth of online learning?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the growth of online learning. These include the ability to access content from anywhere, the ability to focus on what is important rather than being distracted by other elements of the learning process, and being able to connect with others when one feels overwhelmed.

Several online learning platforms serve millions of people. Besides the interactive learning with the teachers, the online teaching apps also have animated videos, photographs, and course materials accessible to the students at every point in time. This makes learning more effective.

Even the conventional institutions have democratized education and now come up with coaching institute apps and apps for the institution.

These applications make it easier for individuals to pursue education easily. There are many online teaching apps available in India. And shortlisting the best ones can be a challenging task. To simplify this process, we have collated a list of institutes offering online teaching apps.

Wrapping it up!!!

These are a few of the best apps for online teaching and learning. Over the years, there has been a constant rise in the acceptance of online teaching platforms. It has not only been beneficial for the students to access the education, but at the same time, it has opened up job opportunities for the teachers.

With platforms and software for institutions like the ones mentioned above, it becomes easier for them to automate the entire process. This is significantly beneficial for the individuals who don’t want to invest huge amounts of money. With this coaching class app, they can easily access all the tools and create quality videos and educational materials.

Accessing education and learning was never easier than today. Most of these apps have the demo feature, making it easier for you to assess the credibility and the useful features available on these platforms. Teaching apps like these have played an important role in redefining the online learning concept in India and on the global platform.