Coaching Management Software


This softwares enormously helped the students nationwide. This Softwares made learning easy and also gave one on one learning experience. But most of the students faced difficulties while studying online. The reason is not choosing the right online coaching Management software. Most of these software had bugs or didn't have the necessary features to conduct online classes smoothly. That's why you have now you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will read about the best online coaching software in India. You must understand the large audience of students studying online and the benefits it has. So without further ado, Let's find out the best software for coaching classes.

Coaching Management Software

eProfessor - Powered by Edubull?

You can easily find multiple apps for coaching classes in India. But do you know many of them don't have flexible features and are overpriced? The Indian audience is new to online coaching, and many software companies take advantage of this fact. But no need to worry now. eProfessor is here to make your online education the best in a world-class experience. There are unlimited reasons we are best and why choose us. Some of the main highlights of features for choosing are as follows.

Why choose us for Online Coaching Software?

When it comes to online coaching softwares, one must note that it is a long term relationship. And to maintain this long term relationship, we need to choose trustworthy professionals. EduBull powers eProfessor. And we all know the popularity of powered by India's most extensive Online Learning and Test Preparation Platform. And that comes with lots of benefits, let's find out.

Customized Brand Mobile app

We all know in today's age, branding plays a vital role in everything. It also applies to education. If you have your brand app, indeed, people will get attracted. eProfessor is the best choice to get your name on the app specially designed for your school or coaching class. As eProfessor provides various customization options for you

Live classes

Many of us run to zoom for online classes. But as we all know, it allows only 40 minutes for free. It is a big issue as many concepts require a detailed explanation from teachers. Therefore eProfessor allows teachers to conduct online live classes similar to zoom conferencing for an unlimited time. Teachers can also schedule their classes, share a screen, pool, and much more to make their live class interactive and fun for the complete session.

Make New Courses and Upload Them

One of the best ways is to study online with customized courses specially designed by analyzing levels of understanding. That's why the eProfessor coaching classes app allows teachers to create custom plans and study materials and upload them to the app as per their choice. It gives teachers the freedom to help each student individually while working at ease.

Schedule and Create Tests

Like study material, evaluating students' performance is also very crucial for teachers. To get an in-depth report of students' performances, Teachers can schedule and create tests. These tests are highly secure, and students can not cheat in any way. So online studying is now more reliable than ever with the help of our Software for Coaching Classes

Communication with Parents

While going with online studies, the most critical aspect is mentoring of students. Mentoring students is a challenging task for which both parents and teachers should participate. The best mentoring happens when teachers and parents can communicate easily and in a proper way. Therefore, to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers, eProfessor software and apps provide various convenient tools for better communication. .


eProfessor is the upcoming revolutionary software. It is feature enriched, which makes online education easy and worth it. It comes with various tools that cover almost every aspect of offline coaching also. Moreover, the eProfessor is powered by, so there's no reason to worry about anything. At last, we can conclude eProfessor is one of the best Online coaching software 2021 and India.