A teacher always face a very important hurdle in their lives, that is, to get all their students to perform equally. When an educator has given a lesson to 30 students in a class and 5 of them score 90%, 15 score between 60-80%, 6 of them have under 60% and 4 might even fail. Hence, it becomes challenging for a teacher to manually understand that which student is lacking in which concept, they will have to go through each and every test paper to analyse each student and it becomes a very tough job.

Do you wish to know how you can overcome this obstacle? We will tell you a secret weapon that will just make your life easier.

"Smart Assessment Software"

How does it help?

1. Technology Empowered

The integrated assessment management platform helps you in tracking and managing the full performance report of your students. The end-to-end assessment tool lets you digitally evaluate your students’ tests with 100% accuracy.

2. Save Time

Now you can easily get report of all your students in 5 minutes. Shocking? But yes ONLY FIVE MINUTES!

3. Keep Track of Students

The report can be further shared with students and their guardians for self analysis. This way, you can show the parents that you believe quality education for all the students and are helping them to improve.

4. Easy to Use

You don’t have to log on to you computer every time to share the test link with your students. This software allows you to access every from your mobile itself. The students can take a test through your given link and you will get their result once they have finished.

5. Great Learning Modules

Once the result is out, students can go through the concepts that they have a doubt in and re-learn it with the study material that has been uploaded after 25 years of research.

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