An online teaching app helps you provide coaching in an easy and uninterrupted manner. You can just choose your subjects, provide some information and start your course. This is an amazing app that connects teachers with students and allows them to learn with ease worldwide. India has seen a huge surge in online education after COVID hit the globe and it became difficult for students to go to colleges or coaching centers for education.

Online education has become one of the fastest growing areas in education. The growth of online learning platforms and the increasing demand for online courses have given rise to numerous educational opportunities that can help with your career goals. Today, you can get online education right from the kindergarten classes to masters and core research degrees and professional diploma courses.

Our online teaching app has been built from our own research. It is the best app for anyone who wants to carry out live video lessons. You do not need to be tech-savvy to understand how our app works. Any beginner in this field can use any and all of the features on our platform often available in a high-end webinar with ease. Online teaching apps make it easy for companies to host and record topics online, as well as manage online course content. The best feature of our feature is that it is easy to use for both – the teacher and the students, making it highly acceptable among masses.

Why has online coaching picked up pace?

Online teaching apps have not only opened up new avenues of job opportunities, but at the same time, it has diminished the barrier of the infrastructure required for education. With these apps, it is now easy for teachers and students to interact irrespective of their location.

Online teaching platforms offer a more comprehensive learning experience to the students. Moreover, teachers who are willing to start their own academy or institute no longer need to spend heavily on creating infrastructure. They can now alleviate their skills and provide education using the online coaching apps. These classroom apps are not only useful for an individual to start the teaching academy but at the same time, schools, colleges, and universities can use the LMS platform to make their day-to-day operations effective and seamless.

With these apps, it becomes easier to manage daily administrative tasks like attendance management, tracking the student's performance, and others. There are specific apps for institutions.

While there are hundreds of choices when it comes to online coaching apps and coaching management software, we shall cover the five best online teaching apps.

5 Best Apps for Online Teaching

1. eProfessor

It is one of the best online teaching apps and coaching class management software. This not only keeps track of the daily activities but at the same time, you can use this platform to create tests, assess the performance, and teach and monitor. With this app, you can teach online, access e-learning and manage the administration of your coaching or institute at the click of a button. This is one of the best online coaching apps as it gives you the platform to create a complete learning management system.

Key features of eProfessor:

  • This online teaching platform gives you the access to promote and market your skills
  • It offers the feature of AI-based assessment technology
  • With the help of Gap Analyzer™, the teachers can automate the evaluation process and find the missing areas in student learning
  • It has 50 lakh ready-to-use assessment and mock tests
  • Teachers can track student’s growth
  • It has 400 plus courses with concept-based study material suitable for government exams, skill courses, and school curriculum
  • Students and teachers get numerous e-books
  • You can launch your academy using this coaching classes app

2. Teachmint

This is yet another popular online coaching app. In fact, it is India’s largest all-in-one app for teacher coaching institutes. With this app, you can easily manage online classes, create tests and quizzes, and interact with students via live chat, and it gives you the facility to record live lectures and check attendance.

To sum it up, it can be said that Teachmint is a one-stop solution for the teachers and the students. The app has been created in a user-friendly manner, thereby making it easy for teachers who are new to the digital world to manage this app easily.

Key features of Teachmint:

  • It automates the attendance and grading system
  • Allows live class recording
  • Create online tests and MCQs
  • This app for institution allows content sharing

3. Classpro

If you are looking for the best app for online teaching and school management software, then Classpro can be your answer. It is an AI-enabled platform that gives you complete leverage to create an end-to-end solution for online teaching. You can promote your courses, collect fees and also conduct live lectures using this app. Classpro is presently being used by more than 1000 coaching classes across 37 cities.

Key features of Classpro:

  • Complete school management software
  • Allows you to manage the attendance and student records
  • You can easily manage the enrolment
  • Behavior management
  • This coaching institute app is available on Android and iPhone
  • You can also take the free demo

4. Classplus

The next option that we have on our list is Classplus. It is also a complete solution for online educators, coaching instructors, and students. With this app, students can access enriched learning modules from across the nation. It is supported by high-end software, which makes using this app a simplified experience.

Key features of Classplus:

  • It lets you create online courses
  • There are 100+ tests for a complete assessment
  • This online class management software also lets you track attendance
  • You can also generate progress reports of students using this app

5. Pesofts

This online teaching app gives you all the features and facilities to launch your online coaching. In fact, schools and coaching institutes can use the app to manage their administration. It also provides the best online exam software.

Key features of Pesofts:

  • You can easily create online classes.
  • There is no upper limit to the number of students that you can teach online.
  • It is a YouTube-enabled software that allows schools, educators, and coaching instructors to manage their YouTube accounts.
  • You can conduct online classes using the Zoom app. You can sync your Zoom account, and record lectures.
  • With this app, you can also sell recorded lectures.
  • It has safe payment gateways, which provide a safe experience to the users.

What to Look for in an Online Coaching App?

While selecting an online coaching app for your tuition classes, you should ponder over a few things such as:

  1. 1. Is the coaching app providing the latest technology?
  2. 2. Is the app providing an easily understandable interface?
  3. 3. Are all services integrated in the app?
  4. 4. Does the app have provision for online classes?
  5. 5. Can the coaching institution conduct tests through the app?
  6. 6. Can the online coaching app work with low internet speeds?
  7. 7. Is the cost of the app feasible for the user?

Why is a coaching management software integral for coaching institutions today?

With the advent of digital education, all services have started migrating towards the online module. It not only provides the option for a wider audience but also makes providing services more economical. A coaching management software ensures that a small to mid-sized institution, that cannot implement these high-tech services on their own, can avail this service by paying a nominal monthly or yearly fee.

A coaching management software has provision for digital classes, online tests, fee collection, assignments, routine management, access controlled entry to students and various other features. When you subscribe to the services of one coaching management software, it ensures you get all the best services uninterruptedly.

These are some of the popular online coaching apps. This online coaching software not only simplifies the management of the administration but also gives you the leverage to educate and teach the students irrespective of the boundaries. In the times to come, there is going to be a constant rise in the online learning system. And these apps are going to transform the system forever. You can choose the best teaching app from the list and make a prosperous career out of teaching.