The introduction of online teaching platforms has brought a revolutionary change in the education system in 2022. Although these platforms were always there, it was only after the post-pandemic times that these online teaching tools gained popularity. In 2020, the online education market was pegged at INR 91.41 billion, which is expected to reach INR 325.48 billion by 2026. The online teaching platforms and online education will experience a CAGR of ~17.19% from 2021-2026.

This growing rise and inclination towards online education apps have not only opened multiple learning opportunities but, at the same time, coaching teachers now have an opportunity to earn well. While most of these online education platforms are chargeable, many online teaching sites and education apps are free. Students willing to learn or professionals who want to upskill themselves or upgrade their knowledge base can reap the benefits of these online teaching platforms in India.

One of the major benefits of online teaching platforms is that they also offer coaching management software. This automates most of the processes, thereby enhancing productivity. It also reduces the probability of error. In recent times, there has been a constant surge in demand for the best online teaching platforms for free. In this blog, we take you through some important online education platforms that you can explore.

Best Online Teaching Platform for Free

As the student's education becomes costly, lack of infrastructure and resources limits their access to good education in many places. However, educational apps for students are very helpful here. These online teaching classes help students access the course of their choice and get the best education. Here are some of the best online teaching platforms for free that you can explore:

1. Udemy

It is one of the most popular online learning apps. This platform is accessed by around 2 million students worldwide. It offers around 13,000 courses, thus giving you the leverage to explore the courses that best match your skill set and requirement. This platform also allows the teachers to design classes that include video lectures, presentations, screencast videos and audio files. All in all, it makes online learning more effective and efficient. Although many of the online courses here are free of cost, they are associated with certain fees. If there is a fee, then Udemy takes a percentage of it.

2. eProfessor

This is an online education app or teaching platform where coaching institutions and tuition teachers can share their teaching materials and manage their classes. Teachers can post their videos, learning kids, lesson plans, and study guides. It is a complete online coaching solution. The best thing is the fee for using this platform is really low and the user gets loads of features with eProfessor.

3. RCampus

This platform allows the coaching teachers or professors to create courses and student assignments. Besides, it lets you keep track of grades and hold classroom discussions. These online teaching classes also allow teachers to share educational content via videos, links, or images.

4. Learnopia

If you are looking for one of the best online teaching platforms for free, then you can explore this one. It enables the instructor to design the courses, which include videos, audio files and PowerPoint presentations. This makes online classes more effective and interesting. The teachers can also prepare multiple-choice questions, assignments and tests in this. The instructors have the leverage to make their courses free of cost or charge a fee for them.

5. Peer 2 Peer University

This online education platform offers free university-level courses. Volunteers run this platform. Here, the instructors can create their courses and offer a curriculum via videos, documents, or slideshows. Enrolment in this course is limited, thus making the scores on the platform exclusive.

6. Thinkific

Almost all the courses on this platform are free of cost. This platform operates on the subscription model, wherein individuals can take a basic free subscription. They can take up the premium subscription if they want to upgrade themselves or explore their future. The platform offers access to online lessons, tests, student assessments and much more.

Wrapping it up !!!

This was the basic information on some of the best online teaching platforms for free. However, several other platforms offer free courses. However, when it comes to making the best choices, it should always be guided by thorough research and understanding of the platform before making a decision.

In the times to come, online education is going to expand, and online teaching apps like these will make a significant difference. Hence exploring the best platform and reaping its benefits will help you progress professionally.