Online education has picked up pace in India, especially after the pandemic. Although the roots of online education had been there for a long time, it was only after the pandemic that people realised its benefits and advantages. Teaching is a noble profession, and after searching for online education, it has become much easier for teachers to reach out to students even in the world's remotest corners.

Online teaching apps simplify student education and make it easier for coaching institutes, universities and schools to manage their administration using the learning management software. This coaching management software is equipped with all the necessary features required to manage the day-to-day activities at the education centre. In addition, with these apps, teachers can also earn potentially well.

In India, there is no shortage of online education apps. There are thousands of applications that are loaded with features that make online education easier and simplified. Even with a rudimentary knowledge of the digital world, teachers can easily prepare their course curriculum using these online teaching apps. Let’s explore the popular online education apps in India.

Top Online teaching Platforms in India

1. UpGrad

It is one of the first names that emerge when we look for the most popular teaching platforms in India. Thousands of students are enrolled on this platform, and it runs different short-term online degrees and diploma programmes.

This online teaching app gives you the leverage to decide the kind of work you want to do. For example, you can create content for the courses, mentor the students, prepare assignments, grade them, or even resolve their doubts.

This role has a different pay scale on upGrad. To start teaching with this platform, you have to sign a suitable contract with UpGrad.

2. Edureka

One of the most popular online teaching platforms in India is Edureka. To start teaching on this platform, you must be skilled in a particular domain. Besides, it is important to have good communication skills to make interaction easier with the students. This platform also offers a revenue-sharing option that ensures better pay.

To start teaching on this platform, you have to fill up an online form that will have all the basic information; then, you must go through the selection process, and if selected, you will be given relevant training based on the methodology followed by this platform. Once you have completed all the processes, you can begin teaching on this platform.

3. Simplilearn

This is yet another popular online teaching platform where you can share your knowledge with a wide network of people. The objective of starting this platform is to create a place where trainers and industry-relevant experts can come together to create more useful content for the students.

In addition to regular courses, simply learning also offers education in the most relevant domains like big data, data science, artificial intelligence and others.

4. eProfessor

One of the popular online teaching platforms in India is eProfessor. You can teach on this app online. By merely spending around a few hours daily on this platform, one can earn quite well. This platform also offers visual aids to educators. It adds more credibility to their profile. In fact, the instructors can also get training and certification.

To start using this online teaching platform, you must fill out a form and mention all your details. You can start your tuition or online coaching and a team of experts will be there to help you out throughout the process. After completing all the formalities, you can take the training on how to use the online platform or the mobile app, and then can proceed with your online teaching.

Wrapping it up !!!

With online education picking up pace and meeting the complexities of student education programs, online teaching has emerged to be powerful and helpful assistance. These are some of the popular online teaching platforms in India. One can start their online teaching journey by registering on either of these online teaching apps.