If you want to grow your coaching institute business, then you've come to the right place! These online teaching apps will help you create a powerful online presence with authority, credibility and trust. They’re all built with one thing in mind - helping you deliver the best possible training experience for your learners through an engaging and interactive website.

Online classes are a great way to grow your coaching business, and they're also a great way to save money. Not only that, but you can make your own schedule, so there's no pressure at all on you as a coach. These apps can help you make the most of every course by providing quality mobile learning experiences in an easy-to-use package.

Different people with different learning styles, educational backgrounds, and career goals all want different things from their education. The best learning style is individualised. That is why online teaching apps are now designed to create the perfect learning experience for each student, and tailor those lessons to what that student needs.

What is Online Teaching?

Tutoring students through an online platform regularly can be the simplest definition of teaching online. This can be done through a video conferencing app or website or through a customised online teaching app.

How does Online Teaching work?

There are two ways to teach online – first, create your educational online platform and second, partner with established classroom apps and tutor students through these platforms.

Online teaching comprises three important components – the teacher, the online teaching platform and the students. When studying offline, the coaching institute is the medium that connects the students with a teacher. In the modern world, the coaching institute has been replaced with an online platform.

These platforms can be accessed through a smartphone, desktop or tablet and require decent internet connectivity. Many platforms allow students to record these classes so that they can learn their topics even after the class has ended.

It is very difficult for a person to have his own coaching classes app as it needs a dedicated team of professional developers who constantly monitor, maintain and keep the platform updated. It can be a very costly method and only big institutions and pan-India coaching classes can afford it.

Best Online Teaching Apps that Help Grow your Coaching Institute Business. Our list of online teaching apps is the perfect resource for looking to grow their coaching business by learning new skills and implementing them in their practice

Top 6 Online Teaching Apps

1. Chegg Tutors

One of the biggest online portals in this space, Chegg maintains the highest quality standards of tutors and thus, is one of the best apps for online teaching. Chegg allows students to rate teachers after every class. The better the ratings of a teacher, the more is his/her earnings.

2. Tutor.com

One of the oldest and biggest online teaching platforms, Tutor.com has been serving students in the USA and Canada. However, only those people, who have a license to provide education in the USA and Canada, can partner with Tutor.com. You have to clear a test before you start providing education on this platform and your earnings also depend on the acceptance of your application.

3. TutorMe

TutorMe is another online educational platform where students can study more than 300 subjects. It provides ratings to all teachers and a teacher with a better ranking gets paid handsomely.

4. eProfessor

eProfessor App is a complete solution for the Coaching Industry. This will help coaching institutes to accelerate their Results and Business Growth by creating their own Result based Teaching and Learning ECOsystem using our All in One Platform. Complete Solution for Coaching Industry

5. Skooli

Skooli app is best for aspiring tutors who have a bachelor’s, master’s or P. Hd. degree and a teaching certificate. The tutor gets paid by the minutes he teaches with 15 minutes being the least session time. Skooli is highly inclined towards topics related to mathematics such as calculus, trigonometry, algebra, etc.


VIPKID is another popular online teaching platform where a tutor having a US or Canada work permit can only apply. You can teach the English language on this platform to students in a fun and engaging manner. However, you can apply for it if you have a bachelor’s degree and sign a minimum contract of six months.

How can Teaching Apps Help Grow your Coaching Institute Business?

Online teaching is beneficial for both the tutor and the students. Having an online teaching app can help you scale your institution’s growth. Let us understand how tutors can benefit by teaching online and how can these apps play a pivotal role:

1. Connects a Tutor with Numerous Students

A teacher can't provide physical classes to students from all over the country. Either the tutor or the students or both have to commute long distances to interact in a coaching class. But with online coaching platforms, tutors can interact with students throughout the country at the same time and save crucial time wasted commuting.

2. Low Investment Capital Requirement

Online teaching is a cost-effective tool as you can set up your classroom in your home and just need a device that connects you with the platform with the help of the internet. You do not have to incur a huge cost of setting up your institution.

3. Cost-Effective Operations

Online coaching is cost-effective as well since you do not have to pay the salaries of people working in the institute. You also save on the rent and other charges incurred in the daily operations of your coaching institution.

4. Time-Saving

Online coaching reduces the time taken in commuting for both the teachers and students which they can utilize in attending more classes.

5. Hassle-free Payments

Online coaching apps allow you to manage your payments easily. You can provide the link on the website/portal and receive payments directly in your bank account. These platforms allow you to provide GST invoices to students without much difficulty.

6. Online Exam

You can conduct online exams for students using the online exam software that comes in handy with the online platform. You just have to provide questions and the examination is conducted easily by the portal itself.

7. Coaching Management

Managing a coaching class can be a tedious task. The coaching management software allows you to manage your coaching online. It looks after enrolment, scheduling, classes, tests, results, payments and all such activities that are necessary for coaching to run.

Apart from these benefits, an online teaching app for institutions helps you manage the institute ERP, accept various payments, invoices and billings, task assignments, communicate with parents and various other tasks. Online class management software helps in scheduling classes of various batches by allocating teachers for each class. Thus, if you want to scale your coaching institution in today’s time, you should get an online teaching software for the institution and educate the masses with minimum resources most effectively.