School Management Software

Your own custom branded, easy-to-use, and cloud-ready learning, communicating and teaching platform for your school.
Administer, create and conduct your school online.

Features of School Management App

Admin Dashboard

Will give you access to update and control the entire student, teacher and class database on one app where you can monitor and interact with your school.

Edubull learning Study material of 100000+ hours

In addition to your courses, students will be able to study anytime through’s study material available on the app.

Live Classes

Teach your students through by taking live classes. Chat, record, share screen, pool and interact with your students.

Communication Channel

Inform teachers, students and/or parents about latest developments and important notifications.

Teaching and Learning friendly

Provide students and teachers with their own controls

Parent Communication

Communicate with parents via the app. Parents get control to oversee their child's progress.

Online Exam Portal

Create and utilize ready to use practice exam papers.

Ready to Use Entrance exam preparation portal

Specially for your high scholars, completely ready to use entrance preparation on your app.

Collect Fees online

Hassle free and secure fee collection mechanism

Simple and Easy to use

Your application will be extremely user friendly and easy to understand, making implementation and adaptation easy and quick.

In Depth Student Reports

Get performance reports with insights for parents and teachers

School Management Mobile App

Everyone in your organisation can use your app and platform on all devices. PCs, Laptops, Mobile phones, or tablets, your students can easily engage and learn. Download a demo app for experience:

Benefits of School Management Software

What your Teachers get

  • Platform to manage their classes and schedules
  • Creating and uploading courses and exams
  • Taking Online Classes
  • Uploading and Collecting homework and assignments
  • Setting deadlines for submission
  • Creating Quiz and Exams for students
  • Interact and chat with students and parents on the app
  • Track class progress
  • Broadcast updates and information
  • Edubull Study Material

What your Students get

  • Learning online through live classes
  • Edubull Study material to study anytime
  • Ready to Use Study material and courses
  • Portal to receive and submit assignments and homeworks
  • App to study anytime anywhere
  • Get notified of syllabus changes and announcements
  • Interact with teachers and ask doubts
  • Easy to use app

What Parents Get

  • Tracking Progress of their child
  • Online Fee submission
  • Teacher interaction
  • Progress Reports
  • Notifications and announcements from school
  • Edubull Learning Library for Parents